Operations Improvement

We lead the way…in helping your business run better.

Business Operations Improvement is the practice of making a company simply run better, expand capabilities and capacity, or establish a platform or infrastructure that will support business growth. As companies go through different stages of growth, business operations become more complex and require the company to change to meet the new requirements.

Improve the Way your Business Operates

A business that runs well is a business that costs less to run. It is more efficient and can be more profitable. When you invest in improving the way your business runs – whether as a result of a business disruption or re-aligning it while going through a marketplace change, the goal is to reduce costs without compromising the value proposition to your customers.
Our process is to work with you to make sure that the changes that are being made in the company will actually benefit it, while improving the company’s overall profitability and customer value proposition. In other words: we find ways to enhance your marketplace presence, operate better and improve both sales and profit.

Expand your Business Operations

As your company grows, you essentially have three different ways to continue that growth: offer additional products and services, expand your customer base or operate in different areas – whether physically or virtually. Many times, this expansion means that you are going to have to add more capabilities to your team, whether adding additional roles or divisions or simply centralizing management to gain an “above the weeds” perspective on running your business.
We can help you determine where your business needs to expand to meet both current and future demand levels for your company. From business architecture to software customization and implementation to digital transformation, walking your company through our process and business model design will provide you with the confidence to move forward with your company’s growth plans.

Plan for your Business Growth

Throwing a bunch of ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks actually is a methodology that is used to determine the best path forward for a company. Whether in a Kaizen session, a Brainstorming Session, a Bubble Mapping Session, this ideation tool is a critical component of the Aepiphanni Process, which is our engineering/scientific/architectural process that we have designed and improved over the past 15 years to help companies develop unique strategies to move their businesses or parts of their businesses forward.
Our process is grounded in sound research, information analysis, qualitative and quantitative modeling and planning with the goal of producing a plan that is feasible, realistic and will help business owners find or further develop a unique position in the marketplace while ensuring there are specific key performance indicators and goals to ensure that as the business evolves and changes impact it, the company is ready to pivot and continue moving forward.

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